This is a pictures of Greyson’s new adorable puppy, The lovable singer love his pets. He already has one dog named Macy and two cats named Smokey and Oreo.
In the past Greyson teased his fans on Twitter, writing, “Sorry ladies I got myself a new girlfriend : )” #puppylove literally.” The girlfriend he was referring to is actually his adorable dog Macy, So DO NOT PANIC! greyson is not going anywhere!
Here you have a Slidely with pictures of Greyson and his pets Ft. His new song: Unfriend You!

Check out this amazing Slidely video for Greyson!

Create your own super amazing awesome instant beautiful video from the photos you love, add your favorite song (By Greyson!) and share it with the world!

take a look at this amazing example:

We all take the love we think we deserve!

That is why we love you GREYSON CHANCE you are the perfect combination of talent and good taste!

@Greysonchance’s Tweet: “Every teenager on the planet should read The Perks of Being A Wallflower favorite line, “we all take the love we think we deserve” good read”
FOR THE PEOPLE THAT IS NOT FAMILIAR WITH IT: This book is beautiful. It is a classic teenager read. I have probably read this book a million times and it never gets old. I love how honest and deep Charlie is. He will get you thinking about the good things and what really matters in life. I am inspired whenever I read this book and I hope you can get as much out of it as I do each and every time.

Looking Forward to watch the movie and while we wait for it, Check out this Slidely with some of the movie’s pictures Ft Greyson’s song Hold On ‘Till The Night!

Greyson Chance covers fire – Here’s a video card to share it with!

Greyson chance and The whole Team in the studio

Greyson chance covering “Fire” by Augustana in his LA apartment!

Watch it full size here!! Share it on Facebook or Twitter:)!

Greyson Chance live on BlogHer and the Evening News, with Justin Bieber too….

Greyson Chance singing away

We’re on the road, but here’s the latest from Greyson,

first is Paparazzi from the BlogHer 10 Conference, hosted in New York, NY

Where Greyson Chance performed to adoring fans all armed with cameras, phone cams and great support;-)

Yes this next video features Justin Bieber as well, but in context as both share Youtube fame…

and to finish off our Greyson chance threefold video funtastico, here’s a shortie on what Greyson looks for in a girl (also check out the photos section for new photos!!)

Greyson Chance album details, his j-14 interview

Greyson Chance interview

Greyson Chance interviewed for J-14 magazin, they met in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, where he talked about his future plans, his devoted fans and shared some details of his debut album, which is being recorded in Los Angeles.

Greyson Chance Video of the interview

Calling Greyson “super-talented”,  the magazine reported that Greyson is taking a few days off, following his backstage meeting with Lady Gaga.  swanking his cool new bracelets, Greyson said he is now getting ready for his teenchoiceawards – where he’s nominated for a Choice web star award!

so what do we know about the new album? Greyson has confirmed it will feature his famous cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” as well as a cover of Augustana’s song “Fire,” and off course original songs he’s written.

so… are you as excited as us to hear the studio version of “Stars” and “Broken hearts”?

Greyson Chance, his first photoshoot!

Greyson Chance photoshoot

Watch Greyson behind the scenes on his first photo shoot, looks like he had a really good time

and the people he worked with seemed like real pros!

Greyson chance from the new photo shoot

For more pictures from the photoshoot visit our Greyson Chance pictures section

For the original article from Ellen Degeneres visit : http://ellen.warnerbros.com/videos/?autoplay=true&mediaKey=13143e52-968f-4a09-9804-7a6475d5e0ff

New Greyson Chance picture from the Photoshoot

Greyson chance new photoshoot

The New Greyson Chance wallpaper from the Photoshoot!

As Greyson is heading for New York (and hopefully enjoying the NY Pizza he’s craving…;-) he shared his latest picture from last months photoshoot.

You fans can get it here as a desktop wallpaper, we think it’s a great image! – don’t you think Greyson is sure getting taller?…

Get it here

Greyson Chance is up for a Teen Choice Award – and we’re here to support!


As posted on his twitter & facebook, Greyson Chance is been having a busy week.. Flying to LA, attending a Hollywood premier (Go Eclipse!), a photoshoot, starting to record his debut album and now being nominated to a teen choice award!

Go Greyson!

even a fan based video featuring our own Greyson Chance wallpapers, that Greyson commented on liking a lot :

here’s our new wallpaper supporting the teen choice award, enjoy and good luck Greyson!

Greyson Chance hitting LA to record his debut album!


Watch Greyson talking about Los Angeles, where he is to record his first ever full length album (courtesy of the Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Greyson travelling with his siblings, Sister Alexa (his Superhero, according to his Twitter;-) and his brother Tanner (also a talented musician) to the premier of Eclipse, see him freaking out a little from the excitement (come on, who wouldn’t?) and finally hit the red carept

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