Ellen DeGeneres signs Greyson chance on her new record label !

Ellen DeGeneres starts a record label to record Greyson Chance

According to an official statement on the Ellen Degeneres website, as confirmed on her twitter Ellen will be starting her own record label and will record Greyson Chance!

Stating: “I was so inspired by 12-year-old¬†Greyson Chance that we decided to make a record together. I am starting my own record label called eleveneleven!”

Here’s the first clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show:

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACQ2s5uIo_I[/pro-player]

and straight from the show:

What it means on the Interscope record deal rumors we do not know yet…. ¬†wherever he will record his music, we wish Greyson Chance the best of luck and congratulations on his success!
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  1. Greyson and I love you always love you even if I get to know but I know you if I know you and enough

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