Ellen DeGeneres helps Greyson Michael Chance doing it the right way


Ellen DeGeneres has special ariety-show airing on TBS next week, that will feature a number of recently popular acts, surprisingly missing from this line-up is her protege, 12-year-old YouTube sensation Greyson Michael Chance. She did sign him to her record label not more than a week ago was it? does she not like him anymore?

Actually she only has his best interest at heart, stating of Greyson “He’s getting ready for whatever is going to happen to him. There’s a lot that’s about to happen, and we’re trying to do it the right way,” Basically saying it’s the right thing not to pressure Greyson into doing one more show when he has enough on his plate.

DeGeneres added “The most important thing is what’s best for him (Greyson Chance). If it was just what’s best for me, yes, you’d see him on the show. But I just want him to be ready. A lot has happened to him, and he’s about to go into the studio and start recording. … Yes, everybody is expecting that I’d just put him on anything that I do, but I want to do what’s best for him and set him up in the right way.”

DeGeneres will tape the program this Wednesday, and It’s scheduled to air Sunday, June 27.

Judging by this

Greyson will probably be watching the world cup:)

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  1. i LOVE geyson we are getting married <3 <3

  2. april says:

    i love ya and i think your better then justin bieber and cuter and have a deeper vioce :)

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