Greyson Chance is up for a Teen Choice Award – and we’re here to support!


As posted on his twitter & facebook, Greyson Chance is been having a busy week.. Flying to LA, attending a Hollywood premier (Go Eclipse!), a photoshoot, starting to record his debut album and now being nominated to a teen choice award!

Go Greyson!

even a fan based video featuring our own Greyson Chance wallpapers, that Greyson commented on liking a lot :

here’s our new wallpaper supporting the teen choice award, enjoy and good luck Greyson!

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3 Responses to “Greyson Chance is up for a Teen Choice Award – and we’re here to support!”

  1. RenGreyson05 says:

    I love you Greyson :*
    you rock !

  2. Sean says:

    Hay greyson,

    I wish all the best for you and your new life. May you always find stardom And blow that Bibber kid out of the water you have more talent in your thumb then he has in his whole body. He is all about Hip Hop and I hate that trash. You actuly sing about stuf that maters.

    Well I did not come hear to trash him. Just to say you rock kid always chase your dreams. never let any one tell you that you can,t achive your dreams.

    God Bless you Greyson and you and your brother Taner and your sister Alexia. all the best to them as well.

    Peace be with you

  3. Renatha says:

    Hey Greyson, my name is Renatha and I’m brasilian. When I saw your videos for the first time, I fell i’m love, they are great! Congratulations… His voice is perfect! I love you, many Kisses. S2

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