I like Greyson, new video – parody on Bieber?


All The Girls Want Greyson Chance As Their “Baby”.. that according to latest parody video..

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0423rfb8fA[/pro-player]

What what Justin say of how volatile the world of stars is.. or maybe people are simply exploiting the situation a little, that Okay, we mean come on…
you upload a video with the tags justin,greyson,justin,bieber,video = many more youtube hits..

Watch the video (or a part of it, you’ll get the gist fast) and feel free to tell us what you think.. Greyson,Justin,both?

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2 Responses to “I like Greyson, new video – parody on Bieber?”

  1. brie suber says:

    hey greyson i just wanted to say i thought ur video was very very good and made meh have a losage of words and just if ur wondering im brie suber your facebook friend and miya48 on ourworld. wow i cant wait till im a singer which is in a few months. keep in contact and do well bye!

  2. hai! i hope i see you in personal.and i want to become like you someday if God will….I’m your number one fans …..thanks a lot to read my message

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