Greyson Chance, his first photoshoot!

Greyson Chance photoshoot

Watch Greyson behind the scenes on his first photo shoot, looks like he had a really good time

and the people he worked with seemed like real pros!

Greyson chance from the new photo shoot

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6 Responses to “Greyson Chance, his first photoshoot!”

  1. dana says:

    hes tottaly freakin cute and inisent hes down 2 earth and the sweetest loves and kisses'(xoxo)

  2. OMGGG!!!! heyyy greysonn(: … this is Madison and Ansley from hawkinsville G.A. … we lovvvvve youu!!!! u sing amazingggly! we just watched ur video on youtube um idk whats it called 😛 but now were lik n lov with u!!! :))))

  3. Ansley Peavy says:

    Hey.. greysonn lol …. i love you i was in that last comment from madisoon conner we best friends and we love your singing to that song by lady gaga it was amazing your so good and i do some singing myself and i would like to get some good tips from a singer like you lol cause i mean justin bieber or anyone would not answer lol but like i need tips my friend madison told me i was a good singer lol but she is the only one that tells me lol i dont think i am but you know idk i do think i sound good on some songs but i dont want to bore you lol but i would love to meet you one day now that i know who you are your amazing and i like love you dude 😀

  4. heyy Ansleyyy:) lol … OMGGG!! greysonnn ur amazinggg … an ansley realllly can sing haha no jokee:P ansleys my bff … i knew u before she did butt now were in love with u … i dk if u got my first message cuz its not upp there were i can c it lol(: but i think ur beauitful and an amazinggg singer!!! i lovvvve you! -ur #1 fann Madi(:

  5. Ansley Peavy says:

    GREYSONNNNNNN!!!!!!! how old r u???

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