New Greyson Chance picture from the Photoshoot

Greyson chance new photoshoot

The New Greyson Chance wallpaper from the Photoshoot!

As Greyson is heading for New York (and hopefully enjoying the NY Pizza he’s craving…;-) he shared his latest picture from last months photoshoot.

You fans can get it here as a desktop wallpaper, we think it’s a great image! – don’t you think Greyson is sure getting taller?…

Get it here

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11 Responses to “New Greyson Chance picture from the Photoshoot”

  1. Greyson Chance. so talented. i don’t know if you’ll be reading this or not, but if you do, i don’t want it to feel like im just another crazed fan. i know they get annoying. you’re so lucky. and you’re an amazing singer. honestly, i hope you make it far, with all your effort, you really deserve it :)
    well, i’m going to bed, it’s like a quarter after four in the morning. just one favor? add me on facebook :) i would feel soo special! lol. kay well, good luck in the long run 😀

  2. vanessa says:

    ..he Looks very handsome and reaLLy cute.. you have an amazin’ voice greyson .. good Luck on your career

  3. quynhtrang says:

    greyson u’r getting more and more famous. we love u , love ur voice,ur style…..and ur new pictures are so……amazing. I love u !! ^_^

  4. Blink says:

    Greyson Chance.I’m so surprised that I found you,a lovely boy.I’m a Chinese girl.You are too handsome and I love you.You are my favorite.I hope you can write more and more beautiful songs.Love you forever!!

  5. valeria says:

    heyy greysonn! goodd forr yaa! im youur fan and i think youre so talented and so sweet i gotta say that good lock and im so happy that your dreams come true!but imaa tell you the same that said lady gaga for ya… stay away from girlss! jk.. 😀 weell greyson you deserve all you have and i like how youre doing your best to all andd yess all the day i vote for u in teen choice awards! greyson you look so nice there.. byee

  6. hey greyson my name is abigayle tuggle and im your biggest fan ever if you ever get a chance come to louisville,ky and have a concert. Im trying to tell as much people about you as i can. i love your singing. if i could i would love to sing with you but i guess i will never get a chance to actully meet you. do you have a face book? if you do look up my facebook im 9 and your probly 12 i know im a little to young to have a facebook but its really popular now. i wish i was your age. everyone says i have a great can find my adress on facebook mabe if you get a chance call me at 1502-706-1564 love ya!

  7. nur says:

    hi,greyson i like your music and you co cute..

  8. Michella says:

    i need your fotoshout.. < gereyson

  9. nur says:

    hi,greyson i like your music and you so cute..

  10. ima says:

    u’r very handsome

  11. Mackenzie says:

    You may think all fans are crazy. This is not the case. I have met many celebrities, such as Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Chester Beddingfield from Linkin Park, and Pat Monahan from Train. My mom screamed the whole time. I talked to them as though they were normal people, not celebs. Anyway, if I ever met you, I would want your number so we could talk. My birthday is August 17th, 1997, so I am literally a year younger than you. Would you please come to Jacksonville, Florida? If I could come to one of your concerts, I would be the happiest girl on Earth. Many prayers and lots of love!
    Mackenzie Paige Heath. ~MPH~

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