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We saw Greyson Michael Chance. we loved what we saw. You’re here, so great minds think alike;)

He may only be in the 6th grade, but when Greyson Michael Chance sings age has no meaning.

Two weeks ago he wasn’t even on Youtube. Tomorrow he’s on the Ellen Degeneres show!
They say it’s the fame in the age of internet. we think it’s not a chance (no pun intended!) in what we saw it’s pure talent and passion, that is rare for his age. but Greyson Michael Chance has it in spades.

Greyson’s vocals’ performance is amazing and he plays the piano like he means it. Justin Bieber? come on…

Who is he? what’s his musical influences (hint: Lady gaga and Augustana)..
we’ll try to get you the goods as soon as the news is out of the oven, stay tuned and enjoy;)

We appreciate your visit (and taste in music)

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