Greyson Chance thanks Ellen on Eclipse premier


Greyson chance thanked Ellen Degeneres when interviewed by Extra at the Twilight Eclipse premier

a Smiling Greyson, appearing in a very good mood (as stated on his twitter, this was his first Hollywood premier after all;-)

“I’m gonna be thanking you my whole life!” finished an exciting Greyson!

Greyson than took a few moments and signed autographs for happy fans!

I like Greyson, new video – parody on Bieber?


All The Girls Want Greyson Chance As Their “Baby”.. that according to latest parody video..

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

What what Justin say of how volatile the world of stars is.. or maybe people are simply exploiting the situation a little, that Okay, we mean come on…
you upload a video with the tags justin,greyson,justin,bieber,video = many more youtube hits..

Watch the video (or a part of it, you’ll get the gist fast) and feel free to tell us what you think.. Greyson,Justin,both?

Ellen DeGeneres helps Greyson Michael Chance doing it the right way


Ellen DeGeneres has special ariety-show airing on TBS next week, that will feature a number of recently popular acts, surprisingly missing from this line-up is her protege, 12-year-old YouTube sensation Greyson Michael Chance. She did sign him to her record label not more than a week ago was it? does she not like him anymore?

Actually she only has his best interest at heart, stating of Greyson “He’s getting ready for whatever is going to happen to him. There’s a lot that’s about to happen, and we’re trying to do it the right way,” Basically saying it’s the right thing not to pressure Greyson into doing one more show when he has enough on his plate.

DeGeneres added “The most important thing is what’s best for him (Greyson Chance). If it was just what’s best for me, yes, you’d see him on the show. But I just want him to be ready. A lot has happened to him, and he’s about to go into the studio and start recording. … Yes, everybody is expecting that I’d just put him on anything that I do, but I want to do what’s best for him and set him up in the right way.”

DeGeneres will tape the program this Wednesday, and It’s scheduled to air Sunday, June 27.

Judging by this

Greyson will probably be watching the world cup:)

Greyson Chance Cover – Broken Hearts (Performed by Full-Band!)

A live, full-band performance of

Greyson Chance’s original song, “Broken Hearts,”

by the official Greyson Chance tribute band, GREY skies with a CHANCE of SON. Thanks for watching!

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

Even Greyson tweeted about this.he loves it! … so what do you think?

are we gonna see more Covers of Greyson soon (we think so!)

Ryan seacrest interviews Greyson Chance on his Radio show

Greyson Chance's First Radio Interview!

Greyson Chance, youtube sensation and Ellen Degeneres favorite drops by Ryan Seacrest’s show for an exclusive radio interview!

Talking about his quick rise to fame and future plans as Ellen Degeneres‘ first artist under her new record label. Watch the interview below!

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Greyson Chance Sings “Proud to Be an American” (5 Years Old)

greyson chance five year old

This is a little treat from the Ellen show, 5 Years Old Greyson singing “Proud to Be an American”, with an extra patriotic accent;)

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

He made nice progress since then.. LANDING A RECORD DEAL WITH ELLEN!

Ellen DeGeneres signs Greyson chance on her new record label !

Ellen DeGeneres starts a record label to record Greyson Chance

According to an official statement on the Ellen Degeneres website, as confirmed on her twitter Ellen will be starting her own record label and will record Greyson Chance!

Stating: “I was so inspired by 12-year-old Greyson Chance that we decided to make a record together. I am starting my own record label called eleveneleven!”

Here’s the first clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show:

[pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

and straight from the show:

What it means on the Interscope record deal rumors we do not know yet….  wherever he will record his music, we wish Greyson Chance the best of luck and congratulations on his success!

Greyson chance Ellen DeGeneres show announcement on youtube

Greson chance back on Ellen

Greyson Chance announcing his second performance on the Ellen Degeneres show, watch his official youtube below below:

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Greyson chance photos – two new ones for you!


There are two new pictures of Greyson chance in our Greyson chance picture section.

One with a lucky FANtastic family, and the other Bungee jumping with his friend Mia, fun times!

all this before we get to see him, once again, on the Ellen show this Wednesday.

Greyson chance on Ellen, take two!

Greyson chance and Ellen wallpaper 3

Greyson chance will be on the Ellen show once again this Wednesday, follwing his last day at school this year, so mark your calendars. Here’s hoping Greyson will share some news and will address the speculation on him signing a record deal (with Interscope, as mentioned by Greysons sister Edmond Santa Fe High School Sophmore , Alexa) and what he’s been through since the viral breakthrough of his Paparazzi performance that hit the youtube hall  of fame.

By the way, the story about Greyson being mentored by Madonna (in a Justin Bieber + Usher fashion) is false and has been denied by all sides.

On her official show, Ellen Degeneres confesses that she just can’t stop thinking about GREYSON CHANCE!.  Since visiting the show for the first time, the amazing 12-year-old YouTube video has received over 27 million views!

greyson chance with ellen

Greyson Chance with Ellen Degeneres

It is also revealed that Ellen sent cameras to his home in Oklahoma so we could all get to know him a little better.

Read more:

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