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Greyson Chance record deal not final?


Update from wiki: Record Deal Rumoured On May 15,, a website “tip-sheet” run by Alex Wilhelm, while citing no sources, reported that Interscope Records had signed 12-year-old Chance to a record deal.[14] Meanwhile, Chance’s parents have told the press that they “will seek opinions from people in the music industry before signing any contracts”. Scott Chance […]

Lady Gaga latest YouTube hit is fan made!

Lady Gaga michael chance

13-year-old Greyson Michael Chance, a schoolboy that is winning over multitudes of fans after uploading a video to You Tube of him covering  Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’. The soulful performance hit the right chords worldwide, and has shaken quite a stir amongst music fans on the popular video channel. comparisons to Justin bieber and the like were […]

Greyson Michael Chance facts

Greyson micheal chance, more pictures soon!

His full name is Greyson Michael Chance and he’s from Edmund, Oklahoma. His famous cover of “Paparazzi” was sung in a church. ANd amazingly Greyson Michael Chance has never had voice lessons! He’s written two original songs, Stars and Broken hearts. Also Greyson Michael Chance is an understudy in a local production of  “Oliver” and he […]

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