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Greyson chance on Ellen, take two!

Greyson chance and Ellen wallpaper 3

Greyson chance will be on the Ellen show once again this Wednesday, follwing his last day at school this year, so mark your calendars. Here’s hoping Greyson will share some news and will address the speculation on him signing a record deal (with Interscope, as mentioned by Greysons sister Edmond Santa Fe High School Sophmore , […]

Download Greyson chance mp3 for Paparazzi, Stars and Broken Hearts

Download Greyson Chance Singing Broken Hearts Download Greyson Chance Singing Stars Download Greyson Michael Chance Singing Paparazzi All songs are by Greyson michael chance, except Paparazzi by Lady gaga, we own no copyrights and are for personal use for the fans, enjoy!

Lady Gaga latest YouTube hit is fan made!

Lady Gaga michael chance

13-year-old Greyson Michael Chance, a schoolboy that is winning over multitudes of fans after uploading a video to You Tube of him covering  Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’. The soulful performance hit the right chords worldwide, and has shaken quite a stir amongst music fans on the popular video channel. comparisons to Justin bieber and the like were […]

Greyson Michael Chance – Paparazzi (or how to take over the world with a Lady Gaga cover in 14 days!)


Greyson Michael Chance‘s cover is certainly the hottest cover video virally taking over the world. Hands down the kid is a winner, with two other songs fully written and composed by the sixth grader, fame awaits him impatiently! Hitting the ‘hottest than bieber’ scale on google, blogs and social websites, we’re watching a modern day […]

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