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Greyson Chance covers fire – Here’s a video card to share it with!

Greyson chance and The whole Team in the studio

Greyson chance covering “Fire” by Augustana in his LA apartment!

Happy Birthday Greyson Chance!!!

We want to wish Greyson a Happy Birthday!!! Greyson you’re on a magical journey, with an EP on the way, and a full album in the works we’re sure you’re going to have a very exciting year! and with all the new found fame, hard work and devoted fans, we wish you an amazing year, […]

Greyson Chance hitting LA to record his debut album!


Watch Greyson talking about Los Angeles, where he is to record his first ever full length album (courtesy of the Ellen DeGeneres Show) Greyson travelling with his siblings, Sister Alexa (his Superhero, according to his Twitter;-) and his brother Tanner (also a talented musician) to the premier of Eclipse, see him freaking out a little […]

I like Greyson, new video – parody on Bieber?


All The Girls Want Greyson Chance As Their “Baby”.. that according to latest parody video.. [pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player] What what Justin say of how volatile the world of stars is.. or maybe people are simply exploiting the situation a little, that Okay, we mean come on… you upload a video with the tags justin,greyson,justin,bieber,video […]

Greyson Chance Cover – Broken Hearts (Performed by Full-Band!)

A live, full-band performance of Greyson Chance’s original song, “Broken Hearts,” by the official Greyson Chance tribute band, GREY skies with a CHANCE of SON. Thanks for watching! [pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player] Even Greyson tweeted about this.he loves it! … so what do you think? are we gonna see more Covers of Greyson soon (we […]

Greyson Chance Sings “Proud to Be an American” (5 Years Old)

greyson chance five year old

This is a little treat from the Ellen show, 5 Years Old Greyson singing “Proud to Be an American”, with an extra patriotic accent;) [pro-player width=’570′ height=’360′ type=’video’][/pro-player] He made nice progress since then.. LANDING A RECORD DEAL WITH ELLEN!

Greyson chance Ellen DeGeneres show announcement on youtube

Greson chance back on Ellen

Greyson Chance announcing his second performance on the Ellen Degeneres show, watch his official youtube below below: [pro-player width=’570′ height=’353′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

Greyson Micheal Chance Performs Paparazzi on The Ellen Show

Greyson chance on the Ellen show

More wonders for Greyson Chance, as everyone is going wild after watching his talent and his popularity hits the roof. Leaving the crowd amazed and satisfied, Greyson once again gave a powerful performance on the show, with Ellen sitting right behind him the whole time, a new admiring fan. [pro-player width=’570′ height=’353′ type=’video’][/pro-player] The talented […]

Greyson Michael Chance’s 5th grade talent show


Greyson Michael Chance wants to hold your hand! this is where it started, video is low quality, but it’s Greyson’s earliest video we’ve found, enjoy! [pro-player width=’570′ height=’353′ type=’video’][/pro-player] More to come…

Greyson Michael Chance – Paparazzi (or how to take over the world with a Lady Gaga cover in 14 days!)


Greyson Michael Chance‘s cover is certainly the hottest cover video virally taking over the world. Hands down the kid is a winner, with two other songs fully written and composed by the sixth grader, fame awaits him impatiently! Hitting the ‘hottest than bieber’ scale on google, blogs and social websites, we’re watching a modern day […]

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